Wednesday, November 12, 2008

photos from the studio

Finny working hard in a drawing class.

All students are required to study ecorche sculpture, in which they learn human anatomy by sculpting the human body showing the muscles and bones without skin. This class meets once a week all year long, and is taught by Jiwoong Cheh. Here are some photos of the current ecorche group working on the skeleton.

Hyeseung Marriage-Song

Rebecca Gray

Colleen Barry & Phillip Salamone

Angela Cunningham, Philip Salamone, & Colleen Barry

First year students are learning sculpture by working from the plaster feature casts. Here are some photos of their first sculptures being finished up.

Ken Salaz

Lauren Sansariq

Carla Crawford

Here is Ken Salaz astonishing everybody with a magic trick on a model break. (this guy is the best magician any of us have ever seen)