Friday, June 18, 2010

2009-2010 Core Scholarship Prizes Announced

We are very pleased to announce GCA’s 2009-2010 scholarship prize winners! The awards are applied towards the following year’s core tuition. In accepting the prize, each student is committing to remain in the core program for the full year.

This year, the Cast and Figure prize winners have tied for first place! Also, this year, a Director’s prize has been awarded for Interdisciplinary Excellence.

Figure Category – First place award of $10,000 to be shared
Angela Cunningham and Colleen Barry

Cast Category - First place award of $10,000 to be shared
David Troncoso and Katie Whipple

Director’s Prize for Interdisciplinary Excellence - $4,000
Will St. John

by Katie Whipple

by David Troncoso

by Angela Cunningham

by Colleen Barry

by Will St. John

The judging committee made up of Edward Minoff, Josh LaRock, Scott Waddell and Camie Davis engaged in fervent debate and had the edifying task of comparing finer points of beauty and excellence from a torrent of beauty and excellence gracing the walls of the South Studio. Here are specific notes from the judges:

Angela's painting and drawing each display an incredibly lifelike and human veneer which reflects a profound knowledge of the interaction between surface form and light. Her modeling has continued to develop aided by her sculptural conception of anatomy and form. Her drawing is subtle, reflecting the strength of her vast understanding of the human figure.

Colleen's penetrating eye seems to go beneath the surface, guided by a powerful command of anatomy: skeletal structure, proportion and balance. The result is apparent in her expert block-ins, which are simultaneously solid and delicate. Her paintings are supported by a masterful control of values, generating a warm glow and exhibiting a deep absorption of the classical aesthetic.

Both Katie and David have shown a tireless dedication to their work. Towards the end of the year, both were still at their easels when the last of the night students departed. Katie's drawings in particular seem to reflect the most thorough understanding of form modeling. David undertook perhaps the most ambitious cast drawing, considering the scale.

Will has done excellent drawings, paintings and sculptures this past year. He has brought a tireless work ethic, a keen eye and a questioning intelligence to these diverse pursuits, and has achieved excellence and subtlety in each of them. As the GCA continues to grow, we look forward to cultivating this spirit of interdisciplinary achievement.

Congratulations to the winners! Also, thank you to all the students who contributed their work to the Student Exhibit hanging in the South Studio during the month of June.

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