Saturday, June 26, 2010

Conclusion of the Summer Intensive workshop

The Summer Intensive is 4 weeks long and participants study both cast and figure drawing every day. Jacob Collins guided the training through several demonstrations, lectures and critiques. Colleen Barry, Angela Cunningham and Will St. John were the full-time instructors and often they would be drawing alongside everyone if they weren't teaching. Students new to GCA as well as those from our part-time and full-time programs attended and dove right in with patience and rigor.

I've been out of town this month so Joy took these photos and she says thank you to everyone for filling our studios with focus and camaraderie during the month of June. A truly great group!!

Alex Tang

Rodney Davis

Colleen Barry working with Will Jones

Edwin Boone

Shihwen Wu


by Alex Tang

by Sheryl Kosovski

by Alex Tang

by Edwin Boone

by Mark Fiorenza

Mark Fiorenza

Angela Cunningham working with Shihwen Wu

Colleen Barry working with a student

Alex Tang

the necessary supplies

the scene

Gregory Harris

by Adrienne Stanger

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Timothy Callister said...

fantastic. what kind of pencils is everyone using?