Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Winning Sculptures

Will St. John, 1st place $10,000 prize

Susie Chism, 2nd place, $3,000 prize

Jiwoong Cheh, 3rd place, $2,000 prize

Angela Cunningham, honorable mention

Chris Waddell, honorable mention

About the Winning Sculpture:
"Will gave his sculpture a fullness and expansive quality that could be seen in the pitch of the ribcage which was angled up towards the light indicating a fullness of breath. His sculpture showed a clearer understanding of proportions and gesture grounding and weighting the standing leg and moving the force up the body with well articulated masses full of rhythm. This gave the figure a good sense of intentionality and motion. All the transitions between the body parts were well done, giving the viewer a clear understanding of sculpture's archetectonic qualities. The figure was broken down well, with a great understanding of the underlying structure. The parts fit well into the hierarchy of the whole. From a distance, the sculpture's values were in the right spots, showing that Will knows how to break down the life model into a form that explains well in sculptural terms how the body moves and reacts to gravity."

-Sabin Howard, Judge

On the Competition:
"The Competition was an amazing learning experience. Never before had I witnessed so much drive and perseverance in one group. It was a privilege working alongside such an outstanding group of professional sculptors"
-Will St. John


Anonymous said...

Both #1 and #3 place cheated the rules but placed (Ask all competitors and monitors, they saw it!). A total waste of time for others. Next time, do an in-house competition and avoid scams.

Mark said...

I am not in any way associated with GCA. I live in Ohio. I would however like to help you out....

LIFE IS NOT FAIR! Whatever your beef with GCA is, get over it, move on.

I went to art school in the early 1980's we had people like you too, “it's all a scam”, “the competition is rigged, whatever. You might just as well talk to the wall... or better yet, get to making the art that you think is better... thankfully they are making ART again instead of throwing mud and their own waste at the wall and telling you that you are to stupid to get it....

Just to make my point one more time... LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Sit down, or stand up, but get to making the ART that you believe is superior, or if you are not an artist put you support behind the artist that you believe is best, time will tell who's been given the short end on the stick. Get busy and make or support the art that will prove to the world that it was you who knew what was what....

Sabin said...

"Ultimately you can not cheat in sculpture.. Sculpture is sculpted with the mind, hands and eyes. So you explain to me how you can cheat. Creating form, structure and gesture are what make up a sculpture. The piece with the best unified energetic flow won.. And that's my opinion. So refrain from shooting off at the hip with unmerited comments that denigrate something extremely positive."

Sabin Howard

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. I saw #1 and #3 write notes on the palm their hands. It said "make your sculpture look good and like the model." Had they not had those notes, who knows if they would of thought to do that.