Sunday, June 6, 2010

figure painting workshop with Douglas Flynt

Our summer workshops began last monday and we've been cleaning the sculpture studio all week to prepare for the competition which gets under way on June 7th. Workshops are filling up fast but it's not too late to sign up! Douglas Flynt's figure painting workshop (July 10-16) is still open for registration. Flynt studied at the Water Street Atelier before it merged with the GCA and he now works in Florida. He's got a great blog too so check it out! full workshop description below

This workshop will be an extensive look at the process involved with figure painting, which favors the classical and academic sensibilities. The difficulty level is geared toward intermediate through advanced students.The process will include both a preliminary drawing and painting stage. The drawing stage will look at gesture, setting up proportional relationships, and blocking-in while considering both shapes and structure. The following painting stage will examine how light on form affects our perceptions of color in its various components of hue, value and chroma. Under-painting, color mixing and palette layout will also be addressed.We will work from one pose during the entire workshop. There will be daily demonstrations/lectures although the majority of each day will be filled with individual critique as students are allowed many hours to work toward the development of their own pieces.

In answer to a question about the workshop Flynt replied "I will definitely be talking about Munsell Color Space along with other color theory ideas during my workshop. This is a major part of how I explain both paint mixing and how "light on form" affects color in its hue, value and chroma components. Throughout the whole painting portion of the workshop I will be emphasizing "values" and "modeling" as I see these as core aspects of "form painting."


Dave B said...

The link to the blog doesn't work. Try this it's worth the visit.

Jonathan said...

Love Douglas's work, his blog is great as well. I wish I can attend the workshop.