Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Observations from the model stand

And now here are some words from one of our favorite models at GCA: Jimmy Martin. A day working with Jimmy is always filled with joking and laughter, he's got tons of energy and we really appreciate how psyched he always is!

"Many people never have the opportunity to be naked in front of people for 40+ hours. Luckily, I now have bragging rights, having enjoyed the opportunity to have posed for the 2010 Grand Central Academy Sculpture Competition.

The stand on which I stood was located at the center of the room, about a foot or so off the ground with the ability to rotate 360 degrees. On the periphery, were the boundaries for the competitors, a series of 24 vertical and parallel lines that would divide the room into 12 areas from which the contestants sculpted.

Like the sun, I was the center of everyone's attention. The competitors, twelve unique planets, orbited around me with their clay moon man nobly in front of them. From time to time, a competitor would go out of their orbit and I would enjoy a few spray bottle showers while everyone else continued to focus on landing the spot of recipiency for this annual celebration.

The reason I say celebration is because there was no competition in this studio. Smiles were more visible than statues at times. Twelve extremely talented artists each with their unique background came together to create life out of clay. By the end of the competition, it felt like there were twelve more people added to the room. Unfortunately, they were all much better looking than I was.

I am honored and privileged to have been a part of something so beautiful. As artists we thrive on creating life and sharing it with our communities. And because of that, I now have 12 new brothers and 12 new friends to add to my Facebook."

Jimmy checking email and doing some lunges on a model break during the competition

Jimmy Martin is a writer/performer in NYC.
His website is www.jimmy-martin.com andnd he wants you to visit it... please.

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